Your new best friend.

Thank you for your interest in giving a forever home to one of our animals. Please continue below for information regarding the requirements and the adoption process. Once you're ready fill out our adoption application.


Our Pets.

The Process.

1. Find a pet you love.

Check out all of of our available dogs and cats.

2. Commit.

Adoption is a commitment. Your new pet will expect you to be there and provide love until the very end. If you're lucky this could be 10 - 15 years! Make sure you are prepared to commit to training, walking, feeding, and grooming. All the work you put in to your pet is returned to you 100-fold.

3. Fill out an application.

You can find our adoption application here.

4. Home check.

Once you've submitted your application, we perform a home visit to ensure that your home is equipped to safely and securely house a pet. We also perform a background check to make sure all adopters are free of animal abuse or neglect convictions.

5. Trial.

After your application is approved and home checked, you'll have a 5-day trial with your pet. During this time the pet can be returned to us at any time if you find that things aren't working out. It's important to remember that the animals are often nervous and scared; their behaviors and personality will only continue to improve with time!

6. Adoption donation.

Take a look to the right to see our current adoption donation schedule. The adoption donation helps to offset the costs of vaccinations, spay/neuter, grooming, food, microchip, and housing. Any amount donated beyond the current schedule is completely tax-deductible. Why fees?